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Primary Schools

I aim to help primary school leaders build the competence and confidence of their non-linguist primary teachers, helping them fit language learning into a busy curriculum with confidence and consistency.

In the Ofsted Languages Review published in June 2021, it was stated that the quality of provision [of languages] is variable with staff expertise cited as a barrier. 62% of primary schools identified improving staff languages proficiency and confidence as an ongoing challenge.

My name is Nicola Maguire and as a Spanish and French teacher for almost 20 years in Secondary schools in the South West, I would be delighted to work with you to ensure your school is able to meet the needs of both pupils and staff.

Get in touch for a FREE DEMO and to discuss your school's individual needs and ensure you offer a global, enriching curriculum.

Countless research studies show that learning a language in Primary school has a huge range of benefits which include; 

  • building creativity,

  • developing grammatical and phonological awareness,

  • improving cognitive skills such as problem-solving

  • offering a wide range of cross-curricular opportunities including core subjects such as literacy and numeracy, as well as movement through music and cultural capital, intrinsic to language learning.

With many more benefits for adults too!

If you already offer a language at primary school and would like support to enrich your curriculum further, please get in touch to discuss your needs by email: 

In today's climate it is more important than ever to ensure our pupils are equipped with the tools necessary for a global economy, as well as build key communication skills such as listening and speaking.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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